The Group Capoeira Brasil



Group Capoeira Brasil was founded in Brasil by Mestres Boneco, Paulinho Sabia and Paulao on the 14th of January 1989. All three men had studied Capoeira for many years before they banded together to start a modernised and organised school of training.

Within the world of Capoeira there are many different groups who adhere to various philosophies and styles of training. Before the foundation of Group Capoeira Brasil, Capoeira existed mainly in smaller groups that didn't have the infrastructure to grow beyond a limited number of students. One of Group Capoeira Brasil's first goals was to take Capoeira to new levels of popularity and eventually out into the world. Group Capoeira Brasil is currently one of Brasil's largest and best recognised schools.

Group Capoeira Brasil is constantly updating its movements and songs to keep abreast of this evolving art form. All of the changes that take place are carefully considered before being introduced; it is only when they will enhance the game that the Mestres will embrace the change. The group now has a style which is a unique blend of the traditional moves and philosophies with some new elements mixed in. This group strongly respects the foundation and traditions which have built Capoeira and continues to use them in all their teachings. 

Within the Capoeira community in Brasil, there are a number of other groups who share a similar style of play. These groups will often invite each other to attend Rodas (games) and Baptizados (grading events) to keep in touch with new developments.

Along with schools in most states of Brasil, Group Capoeira Brasil academies can be found in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tempe, Boston, Durham, Mexico, Amsterdam, Paris, Marseille, Budapest, Brussels, Barcelona, Mount Maunganui, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, Townsville, Sydney and many more....