Instructor Deitado

Instructor Deitado


After practicing during his early years Shotokan karate and Thai boxing, Deitado discovered the Capoeira at 14 years old, after seing the movie "Only the strong", which reveals it to the public in the mid 90, and allows the explosion of practitioners of Capoeira in France.

But while most teens who have tried to capoeira at the time have long since stopped, he persevered, practicing on an almost daily for over 10 years and up to date with a passion never diminished, relatively rare in our modern society where everything is consumed and forgotten more quickly!

Student Professor Bem-te-vi for since the first time, he officially received the title of Instructor in 2006, with the presence and agreement of the Master, founder of our school : Paulinho Sabia and many other capoeiristas , graduates or beginners. He has won over the years the friendship and admiration by his natural kindness, his talent as a player, teacher, and his sincere humility.

He is now assistant Professor Bem-te-vi, and develops a clean working under his direct supervision in Paris, in addition to traveling regularly to Brazil, where he had the opportunity to train directly with Master and mix with the best capoeiristas from around the world.



Written by Professor Bem-Te-Vi

Representant of Master Paulinho Sabia in Paris